Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How can I receive notifications every time SURL releases new Usability News articles?
Answer: Please enter your e-mail address under the “Subscribe to SURL” box if you want to be notified when we publish new articles.

Question: How do I unsubscribe from Usability News?
Answer: There is an unsubscribe link in every email notification that you receive about a new Usability News post. You also can go to this page and enter your e-mail address to unsubscribe from Usability News. If you’re having trouble unsubscribe please contact us and we will make sure you’re unsubscribed from the newsletter.

Question: How often does SURL publish a new Usability News article?
Answer: We aim to publish new article every time we finish conducting a new study. Please check back to our website regularly for updates regarding new articles, and feel free to “Subscribe” to our Usability News if you want to receive notifications when we post new articles.

Question: What kind of services does SURL offer?
Please go to our “Services” page for a summary of the different services SURL offers.

Question: I’m interested in hiring SURL to conduct a usability test on my product/website. How much will it cost?
Answer: Please contact the Director of SURL (Dr. Barbara Chaparro) if you have any inquiries about any of SURL services and pricing.

Question: Is SURL equipped to run a remote usability testing?
Answer: Yes, we have experience with running remote usability tests, and we also have the latest tools and equipment to facilitate any remote usability tests. Please contact the Director of SURL (Dr. Barbara Chaparro) if you would like to learn more about the services SURL offer.

Question: Can I translate one of the Usability News research articles in another language? Who should I talk to to get permission?
Answer: Thank you for your interest in translating one of our research articles. Please contact the Director of SURL (Dr. Barbara Chaparro) if you would like to translate one of our articles.

Question: How do I cite one of the Usability News research articles?
Answer: If you want to cite any of the Usability News articles, please include the author(s), the article title, and the link to a particular article in your citation.

For example:
Phan, M. H., Jardina, J. R., Jansen, S. D., & Chaparro, B. S. (2012). Olympics 2012 Goes Mobile: Who Wins the Gold for Best App? Usability News [online]

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