Expert Review

Members of the SURL team will review your website for UI design violations, inconsistencies, usability, efficiency, and overall look-and-feel. In addition, recommendations will be made to remedy any problems identified.

The SURL team will work with you to develop representative task scenarios based on the site goals. SURL evaluators use these tasks to assess overall site navigation, flow, and efficiency. In addition, adherence to basic website design guidelines is evaluated. Specific recommendations on the use of color, positioning of information, font size, link terminology, use of graphics, and appearance under different resolutions are also made. Results of the evaluation are presented in a final written report and submitted solely to you and your company. The extent of your website’s evaluation will depend on degree of examination you chose. Prices will vary accordingly. The following are samples areas of evaluation:

Appropriate use of color – Different color fonts can have a dramatic effect on the readability of your site.

Appropriate positioning of information – Users often forget or are unwilling to scroll down the bottom of a web page.

Appropriate size of font – Often text images are “fixed” at font sizes that are too small to be read by a large population of users.

Appropriate number/use of navigational mechanisms – Many navigational aids are confusing or too vague.

Appropriate descriptors and terminology – Many users have commented that one of the greatest problems about the Web is “not being able to find the information that I am looking for”.

Appropriate use of images (when available) – Graphics may be distracting and may increase load time.

Links are not broken – Broken links are one of the biggest complaints about the Internet.

Is it functional in a text only format – Users often set their browsers for text only viewing.

Can be adequately viewed in different screen size – Many users have large monitors for their desktop computer and a smaller screen size on their laptop, which can effect web images and readability.

Can be adequately viewed in different screen resolutions – Most users have a monitor resolution of 1024 x 768, which can effect how the information is presented.

Can be adequately viewed by visually impaired users – An increasing number of Internet users are disabled. Of those, a large proportion are visually impaired.

Follows general Web conventions – Users typically prefer sites which employ common Web conventions and positioning of web page elements.

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