Heat MapOur usability testing computer uses a 19” monitor integrated with the Tobii X120 eye-tracking system, which can be used to detect and collect participant eye-gaze data during testing. The eye-tracker samples the position of the user’s eyes on an average of every 25ms (i.e., 60Hz) and is characterized by the unobtrusive addition of the eye-tracking hardware (e.g., high resolution camera and near infra-red light-emitting diodes) to the monitor frame. This design aspect helps promote more natural user behavior by not placing unnatural restrictions on participants (e.g., helmets, head-rests).

Eye tracking measures include:

  • Overall number of fixations
  • Number of fixations to specified Areas of Interest (AOI)
  • Overall average fixation duration
  • Average fixation duration to each AOI
  • AOI fixation order
  • Total AOIs fixated upon
  • AOI transition density
  • Spatial density of fixations

The SURL team will work with you to identify which portions of your website are most amenable to eye-tracking.

For more information, please contact us.

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